6 thoughts on “The Marriage of Prince George to Princess Caroline, April 1795

    1. Sarah Murden

      Perhaps the newspaper reporter was having trouble seeing it clearly, it did seem a strange colour for a wedding outfit!! Thank you so much Charles for the link, we knew that if anyone had the full details of his outfit you would 🙂

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  1. Quite interesting. Thanks.
    Many reports make the wedding seem to have followed Caroline’s arrival with barely a chance to unpack , much less find a gown and bride’s maids. The unmarried daughters of dukes were often bride’s maids. Lady Sarah Lennox was a bride’s maid at the wedding of George III as one of the unmarried daughters of a duke.
    If the wedding was several days after Caroline’s arrival there was no reason for her to have disgusted the prince with her lack of personal cleanliness. A bath and clean linen would have removed any uncleanliness from being on a ship for a period of time. I think many of the complaints about Caroline were propaganda from the Prince . He might have married Mrs. Fitzherbert but it was Frances Lady Jersey whom he sent to escort his wife to be to him. He appointed Lady Jersey on of his wife’s ladies in waiting but she waited on him more than on the Princess.

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    1. chasbaz

      It was Lord Malmesbury who observed that she had a general lack of cleanliness so it looks to me as if this was not just propaganda. No doubt she did have a bath before the wedding though!

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      1. Sarah Murden

        Yes it was Lord Malmesbury and there probably was some truth in it. It is to be hoped that she did have a bath before the big day itself!


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