Our Guests

Given the immense interest there is in the Georgian period, and trying to be as realistic as possible, we know that we couldn’t possibly include as much as we would wish to, so we have great pleasure in opening our doors and inviting other writers to share their amazing stories.

Courtesy of Lewis Walpole Library

You can find all the posts contributed to our blog by our wonderful guest writers by clicking here.

Would you like to contribute a guest post for us? If so we would love to hear from you, so please contact us via our email.

What do we ask of our guest writers?

The subject must relate to the Georgian Era, ideally something little known, but not always essential.

We would ask that your article be somewhere in the region of 500 – 700 words and ideally supplied in Word format. This is not set in stone!

Pictures are always welcome but we are quite happy to accept a piece without and we will add them.

Some idea as to whether the piece relates to a key date so that we can correctly schedule it.

A brief bio about yourself would be helpful, just a couple of sentences would be fine.

We retain the right to determine its suitability for inclusion and to add to/amend should this be required.


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