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Welcome to All Things Georgian and thank you so much for taking the time to stop by. 

We really hope you enjoy our blog posts and our books.

Let us introduce ourselves – we are Sarah & Joanne, genealogists, super sleuths and historians, who, according to our friends and families

spend way too much of our lives immersed in both the Georgian and early Victorian Eras and looking for dead people’



We would describe ourselves very much as ‘history detectives’ we don’t simply repeat information that is widely known but try to ensure that in each post there is at least one snippet of information that is not already in the public domain –  it could be a record of a birth, marriage or death or an illegitimate child we have found; an unknown, but fascinating story from an old newspaper. We never really know until we begin our research where it will lead and the diversity of our posts confirms this.

We try to remain true to our blog title ‘All Things Georgian‘, nothing is out-of-bounds and hopefully, our posts will provide readers with a sample of what life was life during that period, warts and all.

If we research someone or something and find nothing of any significance, then for us, it is highly unlikely to become a blog post,  so we set ourselves quite a challenge. We have found that it is very easy to take facts presented as always being accurate rather than checking them out to be sure. Having checked them out we have often found that they lead you on a very different and unexpected journey.

As well as writing this blog and hosting our ‘sister’ blog – The Diaries of Miss Fanny Chapman, we have published 2 books, both commissioned by our publisher, Pen and Sword Books and available from Pen and Sword Books or from all leading bookshops, our third book is due for publication at the end of November 2017.

An Infamous Mistress: The Life, Loves and Family of the Celebrated Grace Dalrymple Elliott


A Right Royal Scandal: Two Marriages That Changed History,

Our first book tells the story of the well-known courtesan, whose name is synonymous with Georgian scandal. The book is not simply about Grace, but also her extended family and introduces many facts and pieces of information hitherto unknown. Her fascinating life can better be explained when shown in the context of her wider family.



Our second book ‘A Right Royal Scandal‘  is a love story which crosses the social divide and takes up a fascinating story of ‘rags to riches’ – but, make no mistake it is not fiction, it is very much fact. You simply couldn’t make it up!

The story begins where our book about Grace and her family ends, and leads us into a different era; one of our heroines this time being of the Victorian era. Although, a follow-on from Grace’s story (and she does get a mention in it), it is very much a stand-alone book. Warning – you may need your tissues handy for this story!


Our third book, A Georgian Heroine, sees us very much returning to the Georgian era where we have another biography to tell you about. This one tells the story of an amazing woman who chose to remain in the shadows during her life, but her story was so compelling that we simply had to share it.

All our books are completely factual and have taken years of painstaking research piecing together the stories from snippets of information, but ones that we hope will appeal to readers of historical fiction as much as to those who are interested in factual history and genealogy.

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