Merry Christmas, a Happy & Prosperous New Year

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Christmas greetings
Courtesy of Lewis Walpole Library

We really do appreciate all the wonderful comments we have received on our blog articles and do hope that you have enjoyed reading our posts. This year has been a very exciting one for us as, with help from Katie Bohdanowicz, we have recently signed a contract with Pen and Sword Books to publish our biography ‘An Infamous Mistress: The Life, Loves and Family of the Celebrated Grace Dalrymple Elliott and as such we now have a very busy 2015 planned while we finish off our research and writing. We will still keep writing new blog articles too though, and will also regularly update our readers on the progress of our book.

We have had over 50,000 views on our blog this year, and our top five most popular posts have been:

1. Bums, Tums and Downy Calves

2. Grace Dalrymple Elliott: Inventor of the Bellona Cap or Helmet, 1786 

3. What a spectacle!  

4. A Miscellany of Christmas Pies, Puddings and Cakes

5. ‘The Whole Duty of a Woman’ in 1737      

We would also like to thank our three wonderful guest authors, Sue Wilkes, Lally A Brown and Professor Chris Stephens, we hope you enjoyed reading their articles as much as we did and a big ‘Thank You‘ to the lovely Madame Gilflurt for asking us to write a  guest blog for her website!

We would also like to say a massive ‘Thank You’ to all our friends and followers on both Twitter & Facebook who are too numerous to mention by name for their amazing support during the year.  If you’re not already following us on Twitter and would like to we’re @sarahmurden & @joannemajor3 and on Facebook we can be found at AllThingsGeorgian.

Finally, we would like to thank all the other wonderful websites and blogs out there who have supported us and included our blog as a link on their sites. We really do appreciate each and every one of you and there are too many to include them all here, but we would like to highlight a few to return the favour. Please check out their sites too over the Christmas period and if you want more then check out our ‘Blogs I Follow’ section.

We are going to take a short break from posting here in order to enjoy the Christmas period with our families but rest assured we will be back with some new articles for you to read at the beginning of next year.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

Sarah and Jo


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