Our 1st Anniversary



Today is the first anniversary of our blog and this is also our 50th post, so a double celebration.

We would like to raise a ‘virtual glass of bubbly’ to all our wonderful readers for such amazing support of the topics we have written about so far.





We have had an absolutely brilliant time researching all the topics  and have learnt so much along the way and hope that so far you have enjoyed reading about everything we’ve found and that you will continue to find our information interesting and informative.

The Georgian Era was such a diverse period in history spanning the time frame 1714 to 1830, no wonder it’s affectionately referred to at the ‘long 18th century’.

It managed to have four kings named George;

A plethora of writers  – Jane Austen, the Romantic poets – Wordsworth, Shelley, Keats & Byron to name but a few;

Architects – John Nash, Robert Adam;

Artists – Gainsborough, Stubbs, Reynolds & Turner;

Social reform – the abolition of slavery, establishment of hospitals, prison reform; the Luddites, the Peterloo Massacre & the Cato Street Conspiracy.

British expansion throughout the world, along with it the American War of Independence, the Napoleonic Wars and of course who could forget the French Revolution.

Explorers such as Captain Cook and the botanist Sir Joseph Banks.

The list is endless and we couldn’t include everyone or everything that happened during that era, but with so much happening during the period, it’s hard to know where to start, let alone end.

Judging by all the wonderful comments and followers we have gained we must be doing something right; we have readers from  all around the world. Our top 3 most popular blogs to date being –

Grace Dalrymple Elliott and that ridiculous hat

Gypsies of Georgian England

Elizabeth Sarah Villa-Real aka Mrs Gooch

The most hits our blog has received in one day being 688. 🙂

We named the blog ‘All Things Georgian‘ not really being quite sure what we were going to write about or where it would lead, it  was primarily just somewhere to put information we had researched, but that we didn’t need for our books. It’s probably safe to say that one year later we still don’t have a clear direction, but that’s part of the fun and given how busy the Georgian Era there is so much to choose from. We’re sure that really we should have some direction really, but with such a busy period in history it’s difficult to make that choice, therefore the blog has become an eclectic mix of ‘All Things Georgian‘, so maybe we did have the title right in the first place?  You decide!


Here’s to another brilliant year 🙂


Sarah & Jo

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