Harris’s List and Tom Weston

In our last article on the Drury Lane comedian Tom Weston we mentioned that, after his wife and he had parted, he lived with a young lady in St. James’s Street above a glass shop for a while, and put her onto the stage at the Haymarket as Cherry in  George Farquhars’ The Beaux’ Stratagem.

We can now add a little further information to this, and give the lady at least a surname, for whilst browsing through the 1773 edition of Harris’s List of Covent Garden Ladies (as you do . . . ), we stumbled upon her and can therefore state that this short-lived liaison of Tom’s had ended by the time this edition of the List was published.

Her entry is thus:

 Miss Lee. Glass Shop, St. James’s-street

“Doats upon the silliest things.”

This lady had a connexion with a comedian of Drury-lane, which has lately been broke off, for what cause we cannot say, and madam now depends upon the generous public for support; but she is not unacquainted with the business, she is only returned to her old calling. She is a pretty black girl, about the middle size, with remarkable find dark eyes and hair. Her skin is very good, a little pock-marked, and not a bad companion.

She has performed two or three little characters at Foote’s and came off decently; and ’tis said she intends to take up with the stage, and live honest:- Very honestly intended; but we are afraid it is not a school to cause such a happy reformation.

We have, however, yet to find a mention of her as Miss Lee upon the stage.

Tom Weston - Harris's List


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