Arabella Williams, Le Petit Matelot – Update

Well, since writing about Arabella we would like to thank a gentleman, Mick Curry who is working on his family tree, for some further information that he has found out about her.

So much for us assuming that nothing had been heard about her after 1806, clearly she was still of interest to the police but obviously managed, with help, to retain her cover.

Mick’s other quote from a letter by Gibbons was written only a couple of months after Arabella’s marriage and possibly refers to the fact that her marriage was, as we suspected all but over – see what you make of it!

Thank you for your website and especially the article on Arabella Williams who I already have investigated as part of family history research (my mother was an Elstob).

Of interest might be - 


'in 1807 ...Arabella Williams, daughter of David Mallet, author of Northern Antiquities,had had more recent troubles.She had spent most of her life in Paris, but visits to London to obtain her share of her mother, Lucy Estob's, 
property brought on her the suspicion of the police and she was arrested. The banker Perregaux and others had to 
exonerate her from the charge of espionage.'


Letter from E Gibbons to his stepmother Dec 10 1779.

'I have seen very little of Mrs Williams, and sorry, and indeed surprised to hear so bad an account of a little 
coquette to whom I only imputed the venial faults of vanity and affectation. I understand she is already on the wing.'

I would really love to know what triggered such a comment.

Look forward to your book.

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